Job Search Tip of the Week #12 (2017)


What a Properly Formatted IT Résumé Looks Like

School’s back in session, which means that summer internship and post-graduation job searches will soon be underway! So what better way to kick off the return after spring recess than with a new résumé look?

Although the résumé template shown below is intended to be for soon-to-be or recent graduates entering the IT job market and looking for a junior or entry-level position as a Web Application Developer or Software Engineer, it can be adapted to professionals of any level or industry. Need help? Ask us how!

Links to download the following images in PDF format and an editable version of the résumé sample (sans the colorful numbers and writing tips) can be found at the bottom of this post.

Note: This résumé is intended to be used for those applying to jobs within the United States. You know how you need to customize your résumé and cover letter towards the particular position and company you’re applying to? The same concept must be applied to the job market; different countries will expect certain information to be “standard” on your résumé (or CV in some cases). Do your research to ensure that you are meeting cultural requirements and disclosing appropriate and legal information.


    How do you want it?

    • I want to share on my site. Click on the three pictures above one at a time, then right-click to save them as individual JPEG images. Please credit CareerJuice at Chase Technology Consultants!
    • I want to print and share. Click here to get a PDF of the résumé template with the formatting explanations.
    • I want to use the template for my résumé! Click here to download an editable .docx version.

    Have questions or need assistance? Let us know!

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