Job Search Tip of the Week #36 (2018)


The Top 5 Job Search Pitfalls to Avoid This Fall

This is an exclusive guest post for CareerJuice by blog content curator Sarah Smith. Sarah is passionate about online marketing and currently works for AWX Labour Hire, a Brisbane, Australia-based staffing solutions provider. When she’s not busy writing, Sarah enjoys spending her time on social media and finding her next travel destination. Get in touch with her on Twitter @sarahsmith82110.

    It can be very hard to find the job of your dreams. However, you may be doing something that is making the process of finding a job even more difficult. Here are the top five job search pitfalls you need to avoid during your fall job hunt:

    1. A Sloppy Résumé or Cover Letter

      Spelling and grammatical errors look unprofessional, so look over your résumé or cover letter carefully before submitting them. It’s a good idea to have someone proofread your résumé or cover letter too to find any mistakes you might have overlooked.
    2. Not Doing Research On the Company

      Before submitting your application, take some time to find out more about what exactly you’re applying for! Potential employers will want to know how your experience and skills match up specifically with the position that you’ve applied for, and what you would contribute to the organization.
    3. Being Ill-prepared For The Interview

      In addition to researching about a particular company’s interview process, prepare by rehearsing your answers to the most commonly asked interview questions. Knowing why interviewers ask questions like “What are some of your weaknesses?” can help you respond more effectively. This post is a good resource for understanding the reasoning behind certain questions. You should also practice doing an interview with someone.
    4. Failing to Follow Up After the Interview

      Following up after an interview shows your potential employer that you appreciated the opportunity to meet with them and are still interested in the job. You can follow up by either sending a thank you note or an email, or giving the company a call.
    5. Overlooking Social Media

      Social media is a part of modern recruitment. That means that the things you post on social media can make it more difficult for you to find a job. Most employers will do an online search on you, and even if you are extremely qualified, they may think twice about hiring you if they find questionable content on your Twitter or Facebook profile.

      On the other hand, social media can actually help you if it is used the right way. Many people have been able to find jobs thanks to professional publishing platforms like LinkedIn.

    Finding a job is hard, but it will be easier if you avoid common mistakes. So remember: Proofread your application materials before you submit them. Research the company before you apply and throughout the interview process. Prepare for your interviews, and follow up afterwards. And, use social media wisely!

    Blogging Forward,

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    Image Credit: Nemo / Pixabay