Job Search Tip of the Week #29 (2018)


How to Ace Your First-Round (or Really, Just About Any) Interview

Think Like an Interviewer – Q1 through Q19

Knowing why hiring managers ask certain questions puts you in the best position to answer them. That’s why every week for the past few months we’ve tackled a different one of the 19 most common interview questions, revealing the meaning behind it and walking you through what interviewers want to hear.

Ready to test your ability to think like an interviewer and tackle some of the most common – yet difficult – interview questions? Get started below! And don’t forget to click on the links to double-check that your answer’s the best it can be (remember, some responses elicit better impressions of you than others):

Remember: The toughest interview questions don’t have to be debilitating! Combat your interview anxiety with some thorough preparation.

Blogging Forward,

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