Job Search Tip of the Week #28 (2017)


One of Our Productivity Secrets: The Client-In

The Effective & Efficient Way to Interview – Find the Perfect Match, Fast!

Since we’ve discussed with you last week ways to maximize your productivity, we thought to share with you one of ours: the client-in. And who better to tell you how it helps you be productive in-the-search and on-the-job than Stephanie, who we’ve had the pleasure of working with as both a job candidate and a hiring manager?

At CTC, our focus is Matching #1s™: We expertly facilitate the search to bring together the #1 candidate choice with the #1 company choice! Our success relies on us getting to know our candidates and clients well, and proposing best-fit employment and hiring opportunities quickly. As you’ll learn from Stephanie, the benefits of a client-in are two-fold: For clients, it streamlines the sourcing and interviewing process and provides top candidates on the first-round. For candidates, it gets you in front of hiring managers faster with real-time interview feedback and shortens the length of your job search.

Keep reading to learn more about how we strive to fulfill your job search and hiring needs through our unique staffing process, and let us know what we can do for you.

    When you’re searching for the right employee, nothing beats an in-person meeting. But in today’s competitive IT environment, time is of the essence. And conducting preliminary interviews with even a short list of qualified candidates can take several weeks. How do you shorten that cycle?

    Chase Technology Consultants (CTC) offers an alternative that makes preliminary interviews efficient and provides direct benefits to both candidates and hiring managers. Our In-House Client Interview events [also known as client-ins] are a rapid placement alternative that offers candidates a chance to meet prospective employers face-to-face from the start. This saves hiring managers hours, days, and even weeks of intensive and frustrating interviews.

    Speed up the hiring process – without cutting corners

    What makes CTC unique is that we have teams that interview candidates in a particular niche – IT sales, for example. We learn what they’re looking for, including their must-have characteristics and what they don’t like. This way, we prescreen people to a specialized skill set. We find out what candidates are looking for and what clients need.

    This saves a great deal of paper-pushing for clients that need to bring on new talent in a very short timeframe. And the interview event itself can save even more time: we ask the hiring authority to dedicate only two or three hours. We look at the candidates we’ve already spoken to who fulfill the client’s must-have characteristics and get everyone together in our office.

    As each candidate completes the client interview, he or she meets with a CTC representative in a separate conference room. There, CTC gathers feedback, determining the candidate’s enthusiasm and commitment to the opening, and his or her availability to meet the client onsite for a follow-up interview.

    In most cases, busy hiring managers appreciate the opportunity to get out of their office and meet so many candidates in such a compressed period. In a very competitive market, our process allows a hiring authority to conduct two weeks’ worth of interviews in a two-hour period. More importantly, it gives them the opportunity to rank the candidates’ interest and abilities in real time.

    Clients can then conduct the scheduled follow-up interviews a few days later, and then have offers out within a week from beginning the process.

    A great process with a “terrific” partner

    As a previous candidate who worked with CTC during her job search, Stephanie Hasbrouck, Director of Sales for Blue Raven Technology, was familiar with CTC’s processes. So when she needed to hire sales staff on a tight schedule, she called us.

    “I know how to hire good sales people,” says Hasbrouck. “But hiring sales people for this industry was something I hadn’t done in a long time. And having a compressed time frame – it was a bit daunting. That’s why I wanted to use CTC. I knew they had a network and experience specific to hiring for this industry. It was terrific to have a partner to share the process and to bounce ideas off of.”

    CTC suggested an interview event. “I was skeptical at first,” notes Hasbrouck. “But I trusted my CTC reps, and they assured me that they had a high success rate with this approach.”

    The event was scheduled quickly. “I was thrilled when they were able to source so many candidates so quickly for me. And I think it did put a tremendous amount of urgency on the candidates – and a bit of pressure on them to bring their ‘A’ game. After all, sitting there in the lobby with all the other candidates – it was right there in front of them how the process was going to go and who else they were competing with for the role. I was pleasantly surprised by the way it worked out.”

    Although the event was rigorous, Hasbrouck didn’t find it any more challenging than other open-house hiring events that she’d conducted in the past. She did notice one difference: “The candidates that I saw from CTC were screened and qualified quite well, so the deck was stacked much more in our favor than with typical job-fair events. I had the feeling that I was investing time with someone that was already identified as a good fit; I was much further in the process than a typical initial interview.”

    A strong relationship

    In Hasbrouck’s case, CTC scheduled two interview events to bring in all the best candidates. After the two events, Hasbrouck and Blue Raven found what they were looking for. “We found four people and were actually able to shorten the time frame to bring them on in a week,” she says.

    “I enjoy working with CTC,” Hasbrouck confirms. “I appreciate their candor and the way they communicate with me. It’s a great relationship, and I’m glad to have it.”

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