Job Search Tip of the Week #46 (2018)


The Importance of the Post-Interview “Thank You”

Give Thanks – or Your Chance for that Job Could Be Cooked [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thanksgiving’s next week – have you taken the time yet to be thankful during your job search?

In a recent survey by online job-matching service Ladders, more than 75 percent of interviewers reported that receiving a thank you note impacts their hiring decision.

“Many job seekers believe that the interview is over once they step out of the office, but that’s simply not the case,” said Amanda Augustine, then a job search expert at Ladders. “Based on my decade-long experience in conducting interviews, I can attest first-hand that failure to follow-up can be the deciding factor in rejecting a candidate who is otherwise a great fit.”

As suggested by the findings illustrated in the following infographic, sending a thank you note after an interview is proper etiquette that can differentiate yourself from other candidates and get you another interview or even the job. Augustine’s five tips to crafting the perfect thank-you note:

  1. Use it as an opportunity. A thank-you note is a great way to address any potential concerns and highlight once again your qualifications for the job.
  2. Personalize it. Focus on the significant points discussed during the interview, and mention things you learned about the interviewer – say, a shared interest or upcoming vacation – to demonstrate your abilities to prioritize and pay attention to detail. If you met with multiple people, send each of them their own thank-you note (no carbon copies)!
  3. Send it within 24 hours of every interview. Take care to spell names, titles, and email addresses correctly to ensure timely delivery.
  4. Consider the individual and company culture. For example, an email would be acceptable for a tech startup, whereas a handwritten letter would be more appropriate for a more traditional or established company. And if your interviewer specifically expressed a preference for emails or you’re not sure if your interviewer would get your snail mail in a timely fashion, email’s probably the best choice.
  5. Show interest. The majority of hiring managers say that a thank-you note (or lack thereof) influences their perception of the job candidate, which means that every opportunity to reiterate your interest and gratitude for the opportunity counts. So, give thanks – or your chance for that job could be cooked!

Want to show your appreciation and gratitude, but unsure where to start? Download our 10 FREE thank-you note templates!

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