Job Search Tip of the Week #52 (2017)


Keep Your Job Search from Going Cold this Holiday Season

Should I Follow Up? [INFOGRAPHIC]

‘Tis the Season to be busy!

This time of year can be discouraging for job seekers, with hiring managers seemingly too preoccupied with their year-end responsibilities to make filling a vacant position a priority.

However, you really should keep job hunting during the holidays. Candidates who continue to express interest in positions they’ve applied to are seen as focused and goal-oriented.

That being said, you don’t want to send relentless, numerous messages that are all variations of “This is [Name]. I’m writing to you check on the status of my application.” This will only annoy the hiring manager and likely cause him or her to view you as desperate and pushy, hurting your candidacy. And you don’t want to follow up only a little or not at all, because it makes you seem uninterested in the job. So how do you follow up without becoming annoying or forgotten?

Based on what we’ve heard, we’d say the No. 1 concern job seekers have about following up is that they don’t know when to, and when to stop. What if my email got buried under all the others the hiring manager probably receives and that’s why I haven’t heard back? Or, they ask, what if they didn’t get my email at all? It could have gone straight to a spam folder. Maybe I should send them one more message…

For those of you who’ve experienced this, we highly recommend employing the exit strategy we detailed in “How to Seal the Deal: Proper Post-Interview Etiquette” to help you know when and how to follow up in order to create a favorable impression that lasts long after you walk out of the interview room. We also suggest downloading Hubspot Sales (formerly known as Sidekick), a free Chrome extension which gives you real-time notifications when recipients open your email and whether they click on any links you’ve included.

The best part? It’s non-disruptive, providing you job search insight without your recipient knowing by using the same pixel-based tracking technology that marketers have used for years. Compare that to Outlook, which gives recipients the option to send you a delivery or read receipt. That being said, you should not send hiring managers emails that start off, “I know you opened my email, but I haven’t received a response from you…” – that’s pretty creepy!

Overall, HubSpot Sales is a great way to determine who your hot employment leads are and help you connect with them at the right time, making your job search more effective and efficient. Download it, then get following up using the infographic below:

Remember: Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean your job search should take a break too. Now is the best time to put yourself in the position to start your new career in the New Year! Identify your hot leads and follow up with them in a way that makes you assertive, not annoying.

Sound Off: What are some strategies you use to help you determine when and how to follow up?

Happy Holidays,

Image Credit: Zazzle
Infographic Credit: CareerBliss