Job Search Tip of the Week #34 (2017)


Social Hiring (+ What it Means for You)

Hiring with Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

It goes without saying that social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have given job seekers and employers unprecedented access to one another. And for many, particularly those who are “happily employed” (who we in the IT staffing industry refer to as passive candidates), that’s why they’re shutting down their social media accounts.

However, there are many reasons you should stay on social media, not least of which is the ability to take control of your narrative and determine what people find when they search for you online (like it or not, they’re doing it). So sure, you may be happy where you’re at now, but think of the ideal opportunities you could be missing out on: If your dream employer can’t find you easily, it’s as if they’d never heard of you.

We came across the following infographic over the weekend and thought it would be a great way to really drive home the point that social media’s quickly becoming a digital recruitment trend – and a supplement to IT résumé and interview assessments. The stats depicted tell us more than how and why companies are utilizing social recruitment; they suggest areas your social job search could improve. For example:

  • Are you spending your time where you should be? 76% of job seekers found their current position through Facebook and 94% of recruiters are active on LinkedIn.
  • Are you engaging and networking with the right people? Since implementing social recruiting, employers saw a 31% increase in employee referrals, and reported it took 20% less time to hire (which on the job-seeker side means less time searching for employment).
  • Are you getting positive attention? 65% of recruiters react negatively to typographical and grammatical errors.

What IT job search insight will you come away with?

Blogging Forward,

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Cartoon Credit: Agent-X Comics
Infographic Credit: CareersUnbound (fka CareerFolio)