4 Wellness Programs for Healthier Employees


4 Wellness Programs for Healthier Employees

This is an exclusive guest post written by Mike Manor for CareerJuice.

    Employees devote a large part of their day to work, and they deserve an organization that cares about their mental and physical wellbeing. In fact, healthy employees have been shown to work more productively and find more value in their work. Luckily, there are numerous ways that your company can institute health-based programs for worker wellbeing. Here are four fairly easy, but impactful initiatives for to improve employee health.

    1. Company-wide walking meetings

      On average, workers sit for around ten hours a day despite the fact that sitting for too long can be detrimental to their health. Experts say you should spend at least two hours a day standing at work to fend off diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart disease. A great way to combat these common illnesses is taking a walk every twenty minutes or so. Consider instituting walking meetings to encourage your employees to keep moving throughout the day and stay healthy. This should not only boost overall company wellness, but also creativity and collaboration.

    2. Free gym membership

      Exercise has been shown to improve energy, motivation and mood, but the cost of a gym membership is often out of an employee’s budget. Help your workers reap the mental and physical benefits of consistent workouts by paying for their gym memberships. You’ll likely be able to get a discounted corporate rate but will prove to your employees that their health and fitness affect the organization. This is a great way to boost employee morale and can be a powerful recruiting tool.

    3. Nap breaks

      Encouraging your employees to get more sleep will lead to happy, energetic, and productive workers. Short midday naps have even been proven to boost mental focus and motivation. Give your employees the option to squeeze in a much-needed snooze by instituting a “nap room” used solely for sleeping or relaxing. Outfit the space with cozy couches, washable pillows and dark curtains to help your workers feel comfortable enough to doze off during their lunch or break. Designating a nap room is a fairly easy, but effective way to lower communal stress and show your workers that their wellness is a priority.

    4. Healthy food access

      The typical corporate kitchen holds a lot of leftover cookies, birthday cakes and seasonal candies. While most employees are expected to be responsible for their own lunches, providing brain-boosting foods in the break room or kitchen can help employees munch nutritiously and return to their desks energized. Try adding fresh fruits and granola bars to the menu in order to help your employees fight through that 2 PM slump every day. You might also consider hiring a dietician to teach a class on how to plan, pack, cook and enjoy healthy meals so employees can learn how to adopt nutrition into their daily lives.

    Every year, companies spend thousands on compensating for sick employees. Instead of putting resources into absentee coverage, help your employees stay healthy and happy while in the office!

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