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10 Mobile Apps That’ll Help You Reach Your Career Goals in 2017

Work SMARTer, Not Harder

Set your sights on a New Career in the New Year?

It’s only been two weeks we kicked off the New Year, and already nearly a third of all resolutions made are DOA. And not to sound like a Negative Nancy, but for the rest of them it’s all downhill from here. By the end of the June, over half of all New Year’s resolutions will have been dropped.

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to “get organized.” Ironically, disorganization contributes greatly to their dismal success rate: Many people’s resolutions lack direction, culminating in a mismanagement of time and resources. To put it simply, we have difficulty holding ourselves accountable to achieving ambiguous goals.

So whether you’re looking to move your career in a better direction or striving to achieve some other resolution, it’s time to work SMARTer and get appy!

SMART is an acronym mnemonic that represents the criteria goals should meet in order for you to start in the best possible position to succeed. Revise your New Year’s resolution as necessary:

Specific – Your goal should address a specific aspect of your career that you want to improve and why, and what steps you plan to take to do so.

Measurable – You should have concrete criteria by which to track your progress.

Attainable – Your goal should be realistically attainable, meaning that given your available resources, it should be challenging but not so out of reach that you cannot possibly achieve it.

Relevant – Your goal should seem worthwhile to you, and you should strongly feel that it is the right time to try and attain it. Think: Motivated enough, but not enough to be overwhelmed!

Time-bound – A timeframe keeps you from losing sight of your goal during the obstacles that will undoubtedly arise. Steps established with deadlines will help keep you focused on your efforts and on track towards completion.

There are innumerable mobile apps that can help you achieve your (now) SMART goal. Try our 10 app picks for increased productivity, better networking, enhanced communication, and more to help you achieve your New Career in the New Year (Note: You might download them and realize you don’t like them. That’s fine. However, we encourage you to find what will work for you by using an app discovery engine like AppCrawlr.):

EasilyDo is a smart assistance app that integrates with other apps on your phone such as your email, address book, calendar, location, and social media and performs perform lots of useful tasks (Full list here). Check traffic on your daily commute, RSVP to meetings and see attendees’ LinkedIn profiles, receive an alert for emails from a specific sender or that contain certain words, extract contact info from emails and send the senders invitations to connect on LinkedIn, and much more. It’s like having an available-always, jack-of-all-trades personal assistant. Available on iOS and Android, Free.

Any.DO is the contemporary to-do list. Input tasks via text or voice, organize them in your calendar, set reminders, and check them off with a simple swipe. Bonus? It integrates with Kiip’s reward platform, which means you’re earning free stuff and discounts as you check off your to-dos. Available on iOS and Android, Free.

Voxer is a live messaging system that enables you to communicate instantly one-on-one or with a group via voice, text, photos, and location sharing. Recipients can listen to audio messages in real-time or later, or again and again with the instant playback feature. It’s like using a walkie-talkie, without having to repeat yourself all the time. Available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8, Free.

No more bulky wallets or misplaced contact info! CamCard is perfect for interviewing job seekers and avid networkers who want to get better at following up. Snap a photo of a business card with this app, and it’ll scan the info, sort it into fields, and add it to your address book. You can then search, sort, group, or merge business cards. Bonus: This app lets you enhance your business card with augmented reality (AR) technology. Available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone & Windows 8, and Blackberry & Blackberry 10, Free.

Waze is a social live traffic and navigation app that uses your location and speed along with feedback from other users to determine the quickest route. Get alerts when you’re approaching police, accidents, road hazards, traffic jams, or the cheapest gas stations, as reported in real-time by other drivers. No more excuses for being late to work or interviews! Available on iOS, Android, and Windows, Free.

A must for anyone who wants to stay in-the-know with a company or industry. Find something – job search tips, tech news articles, interviewing or coding how-to videos, virtually anything – and look at it later with Pocket. You can save content in Pocket directly from your browser or from the 500+ apps that Pocket integrates with, then view them later when you’re ready – no Internet connection needed. Once you’ve saved content in Pocket, you can access it through your phone, tablet, or computer by signing into your account. Available on iOS and Android, Free.

Appy Geek is one of the highest-rated tech news apps, aggregating daily more than 50,000 articles from trusted, leading sources. Choose from over 1 million topics you’re interested in to create your own news channel. Discover related news with TagNavTM, the app’s tag navigation system. Set custom alerts so you never miss breaking news. Get social with it. Available on iOS, Android, and Windows, Free.

Good&Co melds the journeys of self discovery and job search, helping job seekers and employers find the right cultural fit. You take quizzes designed by leading psychometricians and in return gain insights about your skills and strengths as well as suggestions of companies and jobs that match your personality and work style. Who said job hunting couldn’t be fun? Available on iOS and Android, Free.

Dropbox is a cloud file-hosting service. When you add a file to Dropbox, the file syncs with its online server (secured with 256-bit AES encryption and two-step verification), enabling you to access and easily share your files wherever you have Internet connection. It’s like having an invisible network drive with you, always! Available on iOS, Android, and Blackberry, Free.

Notability has been the best-selling paid productivity app for the past four years. You can handwrite, type, and sketch notes on PDFs, photos, videos, and more, then share them through Google Drive, AirDrop, Dropbox, and email. One of the coolest interactive notetaking features is Note Replay, which lets you record audio, then play it back and add notes so that your annotations are linked to whatever’s audio playing at that point. Perfect for tech podcasts and lectures! Available on iOS, $9.99.

Remember: Maintain your New Year’s resolution by working SMARTer, not harder and getting appy! Let your phone help you with the little stuff, so that you have more time and resources to use to focus on the big picture.

Sound Off: What other productivity apps are you using to help you achieve a New Career in the New Year?

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