Why You Should have a LinkedIn Profile


By now I am sure most people have heard of LinkedIn; it was the first social network to have an IPO and is used for business networking. There are plenty of reasons of why you should be on LinkedIn to help your job search, for example one survey found that 86% of companies that use social networking to recruit for candidates use LinkedIn. Here are some tricks and tools on how to get your LinkedIn profile off the ground and in good standing.

For starters, try as hard as you can to make your profile 100% complete. This will insure that you have a digital resume of your work experience and specialties, as well as key words, and even classes you took in college. All of these will show up when recruiters and employers are searching for a candidate they need for a position. For example I can type in an advanced search for “Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Drupal, WordPress, Within 50 miles of Boston,” and see what my results are. That’s how a lot of recruiters start to narrow down searches for candidates by getting more and more specific by these key-word searches.

Also by having recommendations and your work history it shows potential employers what type of person you are, and how long you have stayed at companies. If you have switched jobs many times you may want to leave some off.

Linking up with different applications is another valuable aspect of LinkedIn to use. You can use the “tweets” application to sync of your twitter account to your profile. However, make sure that you include #in to filter out non-professional tweets: You don’t want them to know that you are “being lazy and watching reruns of your favorite reality tv show” do you? Other valuable applications to use are “Creative Photo Display” which showcases visual work of designers and “GitHub” which displays examples of coding projects. There are tons more available and worth checking out.
Connecting with LinkedIn Groups is another great way of getting in touch with other professionals who are in your field or specialty. For example I am in a marketing group, an IT recruiters group, and several other technology groups for the Boston area. Plenty of different posts are made asking general questions about your field and by answering them you are building your credibility into the community around you. You will also see frequent posts in groups from other members looking to hire someone and will have the chance to jump on it before it even hits a job board.

Connecting to the people that have the most connections is a sure-fire way to beef up your network quickly and gain exposure to the most people. For example I currently have 500+ connections on LinkedIn, just by connecting with me gets you access to 500 more people to add to your network. Finally it is also important to follow companies on LinkedIn. That way you can see when they post positions, and start hiring people right in your news feed. Using these methods will certainly help you connect with more people in your field, increase your chances of finding open jobs, and increase your chances of being found by hiring managers and recruiters.

Blogging Forward,