Job Search Tip of the Week – 04/13/2016


The Case for the Perpetual Job Search

Part I: Why You Should Never Stop Thinking About (or Making) Your Next Career Move

Until recently, the majority of employers perceived “job hopping” to be a red flag indicating that the candidate is unreliable. “But nowadays,” says Chris Murdock, Senior Partner at IQTalent Partners and former “Executive Sourcer and Knowledge Manager” at Yahoo, “if you’ve been in a company two years, you’re the seasoned professional. Some even think if you’ve been at a company for five years, you should move on. That it’s too long.”

With certain technology positions, job tenure is “almost irrelevant,” says Ronald Mitchell, Co-founder and CEO of, and “the breadth of experience is far more important.” Thus, it is not uncommon for software developers and software engineers to “job hop” approximately every two to three years.

Technology Job Search

“Change” by Corey Dahl

Because technology changes rapidly and the job market is competitive, to maintain your marketability you should never stop thinking about (or making) your next career move. However, making a career move doesn’t always encompass attaining a new job, as you’ll see next week.

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