Job Search Tip of the Week – 09/22/2016


How to Ace Your First-Round (or really, Just about Any) Interview

Think like an Interviewer

At some point in your professional career, you’ve undoubtedly been left wondering, “Why did they ask me that?!” Well, wonder no longer.

In her last blog post to the CTC intern blog Destination: CTC, Rebecca described a unique aspect of our internship program in which we provide them opportunities to observe and conduct phone screens and in-person interviews with potential internship candidates. We designed this portion of our internship program to help our interns experience why interviewers ask certain questions and how some responses are better than others.

Knowing how you perform as an interviewer and what expectations you have for interviewees, as Rebecca mentioned, gives you a leg up on your job search. You too can start becoming well-equipped for your next interview by checking out the infographic below, which deconstructs 19 of the most common interview questions to reveal the meaning behind them:

    Over the coming weeks, I’ll discuss these questions and how to answer them effectively. Bookmark CareerJuice, and keep checking back! In the meantime:

    Sound Off: Have you ever been confronted with any of these questions? How did you respond?

    Remember: There’s always a reason why a question is being asked. Deduce what the question was designed to figure out, and make sure your answer addresses it!

    Blogging forward,

    Photo Credit: Come Recommended
    Infographic Credit: Smart Business Trends