Job Search Tip of the Week – 07/11/2014


5 Steps to Conquer Any Networking Event

How to Impress While Networking [INFOGRAPHIC]

At a networking event, have you ever:

  • Felt uncomfortable with or intimated at being in a room full of strangers?
  • Been so nervous you made some awkward moves going for the handshake?
  • Worried about saying or doing the wrong thing?
  • Questioned whether you reacted appropriately to what someone said or did?
  • Struggled to remember names? Something that was said moments before? Conversations you had with someone you’d met previously?
  • Stuck someone’s business card in your pocket and lost it seconds later? (There’s an app for that!)
  • Gotten overwhelmed when asked numerous questions about yourself?
  • Avoided situations where you could become the center of (someone’s) attention, aka “wallflowered it?”

…and then second-guessed yourself after it was all over?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, it’s likely that IT career fairs, professional networking events, or even group/panel interviews – or really, any situation that puts pressure on you to make a great impression – are sources of anxiety for you. And with the beautiful weather making this summer ripe with networking opportunities, it’s important for you to know how to work a room!

That’s why last week for our “Job Search Tip of the Week,” we published “Get Smart about Career Networking: 4 Strategies for you (Fourth of July) Job Search Networking.” In case you missed it – or just need a refresher on how to make the most impressive impression while networking – check out the infographic for your go-to course of action from here on out!

Remember: You never know when you’re going to meet and talk to someone that would add value to your career. Prepare as much as you can beforehand so that you make a perfect first impression and take full advantage of any networking opportunities!

Blogging forward,

Image Credit: “Internal Monologue” by Randall Munroe (
Infographic Credit: CareerBliss