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BBJ Feature: Growth Tools


Taking charge … and letting go: Entrepreneur learns early on that delegation drives growth

Boston Business Journal, December 3, 2010 — Chase Technology Consultants founder and CEO Jared Franklin may only be 26, but the entrepreneur has already learned a challenging lesson that takes some business owners an entire career to discover.

From the time he hired his first employee shortly after launching his business in 2007, to current decisions to form business teams with a goal of making the technology staffing and recruiting firm a national player, Franklin has found that willingly giving up control can lead to growth opportunities.

“Letting go of control a little bit and trusting other people can provide resources that I most likely wouldn’t have myself,” said Franklin. “It’s a constant challenge. Any business owner is someone who lives and breathes that company as if it were their baby. It’s natural to want to handle everything that’s important. I feel like I finally now understand what a mother feels like when her child grows up and goes off to college.”

Sharing responsibility has helped grow Chase Technology Consultants (CTC) from a one-man shop when it opened in April of 2007 to a 20-employee firm today, with headquarters at 15 Broad St. in downtown Boston.

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Thanksgiving 2010: Reflections


Here at CTC, we have a lot to be thankful for. We’ve had a wonderful year working with both clients and candidates, and we’ve added a number of staff members to our team internally. We decided to ask the people who make CTC run what they’re thankful for this year. Their answers are pasted below.

Have a happy, safe and restful Thanksgiving!

Blogging Forward,


I am thankful for the opportunity to work with in my opinion, the best team and leadership in the industry today. -Mike

I am thankful to have smart and passionate colleagues who genuinely care about the work they’re doing. They make coming to work both entertaining and fulfilling. –Stacey

First I am thankful for the fact that this holiday gives me the ability to spend some time with my family – being hours away makes it difficult at best to see them as often as I would like to. I am also thankful for the team I have around me. And by the team I don’t just mean Java/PHP, but CTC as a whole. This is a unique opportunity with a unique group of people that I find myself excited about growing and building this business with. I am also thankful to all of the people that have contributed to my professional growth. These people are numerous and without each and every one of them I could never be where I am now. Mostly – at this very second – I am thankful for my iPod and headphones – because this bus trip home would be hell without them! -Bill

I’m thankful for my great team. It’s not a secret that this job can be difficult and stressful. Placing candidates is extremely rewarding but I am thankful to have my team to enjoy it with. They get me through the day, help me grow, and never fail to make me laugh. -Erin

Being a staffing professional allows me to be thankful for many things. But what I’m most thankful for in my profession is the opportunity to be in a diverse and ever-changing environment. In my case, as a technical recruiter that works on behalf of many candidates and many clients, I have the opportunity to be involved with and to work on behalf of many different companies all of which vary in size, industry and style. Although I work for CTC and my job for this firm is to drive sales, push revenue and train others, I also work for hundreds of other firms. Being a recruiter allows me to work for a software company, a bank, a local college, a small consulting firm, and more. So I’m thankful for the knowledge and experiences that I have professionally gained while working with many different types of firms. I now know how different business run, how CEO’s and Presidents think and run their businesses. This is what I’m most thankful for. -Tristan

I’m thankful for the opportunity to work in downtown Boston with an awesome team of recruiters! -Scott

I am thankful for the support of my team and the fun lunches we have together. -Rebecca

I am thankful for every person I work with and their attitudes towards personal and professional growth. –Jared

I am thankful to be part of a company works with both top-tier candidates and excellent client organizations. I’m so proud that my colleagues have built lasting relationships within the Massachusetts business community. –Colleen

This holiday season I am thankful to be working with all of the wonderful people at Chase Technology Consultants. Since coming to the Java/PHP team in October it has been my pleasure to get to know and work with my team of Bill, Erin, and Scott. Tutelage under the skilled and tenured experience of Bill and Tristan has been an extremely valuable and enjoyable learning process and I am eager to learn more. I am also thankful to be working with some wonderful candidates and it inspires me to work harder every time I see their faces light up when I hear them describe past passion projects of theirs. CTC is a great place to work and I am so happy to be part of such a great firm and matching number one candidates with number one clients! -Ben

You’re Invited! Boston IT JobSeekers MeetUp


Now that it’s Friday, you may be planning out activities for next week. We at CTC would like to cordially invite you to join us at Tavern on the Square in Central Square next Wednesday evening for the Boston IT Job Seekers Meet-Up. We’ll be there with other recruiters, hiring managers and job seekers, talking about best practices for job-hunting and sharing our experiences from the various hiring environments in and around Boston.

MeetUp details can be found at the group’s MeetUp page. You can also email Bill Sullivan or Colleen Kelly for more information.

Hope to see you there!

Blogging Forward,

Our New Sponsorship – Boston IT Job Seekers MeetUp


We’re so happy to announce that we’re working with Jon Roussel and Ben Gregg to organize the Boston IT JobSeekers MeetUp, moving forward. Our first MeetUp as co-organizers will be held tonight at 6pm in the back room at Tavern in the Square in Central Square, Cambridge. We’re really looking forward to meeting everybody involved in the MeetUp and discussing what members like about the group as well as hearing any suggestions for meeting ideas. We met with Jon and Gregon Monday, and everyone agreed that we want to do the best we can to bring value to our members’ job searches. We plan to bring along our ideas for the meeting and hope you will, too!

MeetUp details can be found at the group’s MeetUp page. You can also email Bill Sullivan for more information.

Welcome to CareerJuice!

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